That Gets Stuff Done.

From Typewriters to iPhones

I’ve been writing since I was a wee kiddo. I used to haul out my folks’ electronic 80’s era typewriter and ker-plunk away. In the 90’s I graduated to a huge desktop computer and wrote all sorts of things from long Nancy Drew meets – Babysitter’s Club meets – One Last Wish book series all the way to some X-Files fan fiction. (Yes, I just admitted that on the internet. I was one cool cat back in the 90’s.)

But now that I’ve grown up just a tad, I’ve branched out over the years to cover a range including formal sociological research papers with heavy research numbers, website copy for manufacturing companies, blog posts full of content to drive an audience to a website, and so much more. I still write fiction as well, but my tastes have matured just slightly. I’m also constantly reading and love a good chat about books.

After working as the Director of Operations for a manufacturing company, I decided to stay home with my children and stop working full time in the office. But I knew I still wanted to work, so because I had built a trustworthy relationship, the same company took me on as marketing support. I worked from home part-time and honed my skills over the next several years working for them, learning about SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, analytics and the like. And then I started doing more and more writing for them and realized how much I loved it. Combining a childhood passion with a present day application and helping a company craft their message felt great!

I have fun with copy-writing and love to capture a business or individual’s brand so that it’s your voice that shines through on the page, not mine. And though I still love a good typewriter, I have a keen awareness of the need to be mobile device friendly.