Slow Down and Breathe

Guys. I legit walked into a door yesterday and bruised my eye. No joke. And as icing on the cake, it was in front of all the other parents in the pick-up lane at my children’s elementary school. It was a super glamorous moment for me.

You might be wondering how exactly one walks into a door? Well, it was a car door to be particular. And it was the window, to be more precise.

I drive a Subaru Outback and I guess in an effort to be sporty, the windows don’t have frames. So when my driver’s side door is open, there’s no big black bar or anything alerting me that there’s a door there. Just a rounded (fortunately) piece of glass.

I’m also aware that even with these details, you’re probably still wondering, ‘Ummm, okay. So explain again how you walked into that door though?’ Maybe you can relate to this, or maybe you can’t, but I tend to get moving REAL fast sometimes. I get 37 different things running through my head ranging from needing to buy my kids new shoes that actually fit to delivering on a big deadline for a client.

But you know what’s never on my mind?

“Don’t walk into doors.”

Dang, I really wish it was sometimes. But alas, instead I end up cruisin’ on auto-pilot, chatting up another mom in the pick-up lane and when I turn back to get into my own car — SMACK. Face-plant right into the car door.

‘Interesting, Molly. But I’m not sure that’s the kind of story I’d share on the big ol’ internet,’ you might be thinking. Yeah, I get you. I probably wouldn’t have a few years ago. But I’m getting to that point in my life where I’m realizing I’ve been kind of a dork my whole life and I might as well just lean into the power of the dork side. And I’m good with it!

You know what’s never on my mind? “Don’t walk into doors.”

You see, I feel like if we women could band together in our oddities we could be unstoppable. Oh, and hey men, we’ll include you too! This isn’t just a female power party.

But it seems that more and more these days, we’re focusing more on what makes us different than what makes us similar. So my attempt to bring us together is going to be putting myself out there, door-walkin-into and all. I suppose we’ll see how this fares.

So what did I do after walking into that car door? I got in my driver’s seat, told my kids I needed a few minutes of quiet to gather myself so I wouldn’t burst into tears (from pain and a bruised ego), and then drove home to lay on the couch with a bag of frozen peas over my eye. But the thing I’m proud of in this goofy story is that pretty shortly after, I was laughing about it and seeing the humor. My family and friends thought it was pretty funny too.

So now, what’s the takeaway? SLOW THE $@#% DOWN, MOLLY. The Pearl Jam song, “Just Breathe,” comes to mind. But let’s be honest, I’m going to have plenty more moments like this in my life. I can strive to slow down, breathe, and become super self-aware but I also need to recognize that once a goof, always a goof. And I’m okay with that.

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