3 Ways to Write Website Copy That Converts

Do you ever sit down to write about your business and think to yourself, ‘I’m trying to write website copy that converts!’?

Hmmm, no? That’s not you?

If you struggle with writing for your business, there are a few simple things that may help. Website copy is often all wrong and it’s understandable when our world is constantly changing.

Here are a few website copywriting fundamentals that may help you in writing for your business.

3 Ways to Write Website Copy That Converts


What Am I Gonna Get?

This is what people want to know AS SOON as they land on your website. It might sound blunt or rude, but it’s true. They want to know how you can help them. And if you’re a business with integrity (as I’m sure you are!), then you can most definitely offer something that can help a lot of people. So tell them!

Your copywriting should lead with the results you can give them. The thing that makes them say, ‘Aha! She gets it!’


It’s All About the Benefits

Unfortunately, most people don’t really want to know how much effort things require. It’s not that we aren’t willing to DO the work, but we usually don’t BUY something when we think it’s beyond our scope to finish.

When someone reads, “A one-hundred page eBook thrown in for free!” they’re thinking ‘ewww, I don’t want to read that much.’  They might not realize they’re thinking this, but they are.

What if instead, you said, “BONUS: The eBook that has helped my clients organize their homes from top to bottom!”  Well, shucks, I’d want to read that!

When you’re writing, think about the benefit your person is looking for and speak to that rather than the feature that you’re offering.  Features don’t sell, but results do!


Call to Action

This is when you get to be the boss and tell people what to do! There’s nothing worse than reading a whole bunch of copy, feeling like this is the solution you’re dreaming of and you’re about to conquer your incredibly difficult goal — only to get to the end and not know where to go from there…  Do you have to call them? Or should you go to that little ‘contact’ tab way back up at the top of the page? Or should you fold your arms across your chest like I Dream of Jeannie and hope a good blink and a head nod gets you some magical results?

Nope! You should easily click on a button or a link that tells you exactly what to do such as “Call Me Now” or “Click to Get My Free Guide” or “Pay Me Money!”  Okay, maybe don’t use that last one in your business unless you have an awesome audience who would go for that kind of thing.

You get the idea. End with a clear call to action because the purpose of copywriting is. . . well, to get people to take action! And what do you get when people take action? RESULTS!

Did you pick up on the theme that was ever so gently rolled into this post? RESULTS are what your person wants and they’re what you want as well. Use these 3 Ways to Write Website Copy That Converts and you should begin to see those results pay off!

Or, you could always. . .

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