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What in the World is a Thank You Page?

Thank You Page

We’re continuing to talk about all the elements in a sales funnel (customer journey, buying experience, or whatever the heck ya wanna call it!) and today we’re covering the thank you page.  Sounds pretty straightforward, right?  It is!

What is a thank you page?

It’s a page where you say thank you. The End.

No, no — I’m kidding!

But it’s really not too complicated.  After someone signs up for your lead magnet (aka freebie, opt-in, etc.) from your landing page, a new page pops up. And because this is a sales funnel and not your grandma’s pinochle club, we want to utilize this page to its fullest capacity and get them to take action.

So how do we do that?

First, we say thank you.  “Thank you for downloading my super cool free thing that will change your life!!”  (Don’t actually say THAT.  In case you can’t tell by now, I like to write silly things like this in my blog posts.)  It also helps to mention that they might need to check junk mail folders for emails of their freebie, etc.

Thank You Page

Next, we tell them what to do!

Copywriting is pretty much all about being the boss and telling people what to do.  The big ol’ internet is filled with so much STUFF that it helps to give people very clear next steps.

We all tend to get stuck in our own heads when it comes to our business. Something WE think is super obvious really isn’t to the person on the other side of that screen.  Be sure you TELL THEM what to do. This is how you can use the thank-you page to it’s fullest potential.

What is the next step?

What happens next in your sales funnel? Is it joining a Facebook group?  (This is great if you’re working toward passive or semi-passive income — more on that later!)  Is it to pick up the phone and call you?  Buy your super awesome online course? Send you an email? Carrier pigeon? Wax-sealed scroll?  Whatever the next step is in working with you, be sure you state this in ONE clear CTA (call to action).

Keep it Simple

Your thank you page should be short.

1. Say thank you.

2. Tell them what to do next.

3. Get the hell out of Dodge!

What’s the next step in my sales funnel?

I’m glad you asked! After your thank you page comes your email sequence — and that’s completely my jam.  Check out the next post to talk you through it.

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